A proper estate plan helps lighten the burden on your family in the event of your mental or physical absence. An “estate plan” does more than guarantee property transfer, it provides a roadmap for loved ones and family so they are taken care of you and ensure your wishes are honored.

Estate plans answers questions like:

  • Who will take care of the children?
  • How do we ensure the house stays within our family?
  • How will we pay for all the expenses?
  • What were my loved ones’ wishes?
  • How do I know that my financial affairs will be taken care of when I can’t manage them myself?
  • How will my children give me the best care possible if I am unable to speak for myself?
  • How do I know my family will move forward with as few hurdles as possible when difficult times arise?

What is an Estate?

Your estate consists of all the property you own at the time of your death including, retirement plans, life insurance, real estate, bank accounts, investments, and any of your personal property such as cars, artwork, jewelry and hunting equipment.

Why Estate Planning?

Proper planning can ensure that your assets are properly passed down to the next generation. The number one reason to estate plan is that planning gives you control over where your money goes after you pass away. An estate plan allows you to control the beneficiaries of your estate, can alleviate tax burdens, avoid the time and money expenses of probate, protect your loved ones for creditors, and ensure your wishes are followed after you pass. For parents of young children, appointing guardians for your minor children in your estate plan helps make monetary decisions to provide for your children into adulthood.

Estate planning requires investing time and money now, in order to save your family tremendous amounts of time and money in the future.

What is an Estate Plan?

An estate plan is a collection of legal documents that is essential for managing and distributing your assets after you die or if you become incapacitated. Some estate planning documents are used to minimize the taxes paid when transferring property to loved ones or safeguard retirement. Other estate planning documents entrust specified individuals to make healthcare decisions in the event you could not communicate your intentions or outline your wishes in regard to life-prolonging medical care.

What does a Dana and Associates Estate Plan include?

After a Personal Family Legal Session, which is a one-hour meeting with an attorney to design a custom estate plan, you will be able to choose between a Will Package or a Trust Package.

A Will Package includes:

A Trust Package includes all of the contents of Will Package plus:

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