Stop! Living Without an Estate Plan.

Are you or anyone you know living WITHOUT an estate plan? We see the consequences of procrastinating on your estate plan daily in our law firm. We won’t get into the sad stories, so let’s just say it’s not fun when we can’t help someone when their loved one has passed without even a Will. The worst is when an unmarried partner gets left out completely because the intestate laws only deal with family, and at that point, it is too late. But, if you’re reading this, it is not too late.

Stop! Living Without an Estate Plan.We believe everyone should have a plan, regardless of finances, procrastination, a busy schedule, fear, or any other reason that may keep you from having an attorney create your estate plan. We’re on a mission to reduce the number of people living without an estate plan, whether that is through working with us or writing their own Will. So, you don’t have to live without a plan any longer! We’ve got you covered.

After working with thousands of clients over the years to create custom estate plans, we have put all that experience into making a “fill-in-the-blanks” Will that anyone can use. It is completely free and easy to use, and actually can be finished in a matter of minutes.

If all you do is write your own Will, then you’ve covered at least the most basic part of an estate plan. A handwritten, or holographic, Will is 100% legally valid in Arizona and many other states if it is completed entirely in your handwriting. It doesn’t even have to be signed by witnesses or notarized. Making sure you have a plan for your loved ones can truly be that simple.

There is one common misunderstanding with Wills though: A Will won’t avoid Probate.

Probate is the legal process to change the title of an asset out of the name of the deceased. For example, your Will leaves your home to your daughter. For the title to be transferred from your name to her name, the court has to get involved through the process of Probate. This can be expensive or time-consuming for your loved ones to deal with, and only a Trust can avoid Probate.

You may be thinking… “Well then, what’s the point of writing a Will?”

Stop! Living Without an Estate Plan.

A Will ensures that your loved ones will inherit exactly what you want, regardless of whether they are legally related to you or not. Also, you get to name who will be in charge of your estate and who will be the guardian of any minor children. Without a Will, generic state intestate laws will divide up your assets and the courts decide who handles it all and who will care for your children. So, it’s still incredibly important to at least have a Will.

If you would like to download the Fill-in-the-Blanks Will Template, simply click here. Again, we are providing it completely free for anyone to use without obligation to hire our firm. It comes with instructions as well as a video to guide you through filling it out, so there is no excuse to continue living without an estate plan.