The Trust Asset Coordination Session is a half-hour meeting with an attorney to complete the attorney funding recommendations form, which designates which assets and accounts should be owned by the trust and how to designate the beneficiaries of IRA’s, life insurance policies and other assets. If you have a financial advisor, we encourage you to invite them to this meeting.

What should I expect at the Trust Asset Coordination Session?

Your Trust Asset Coordination Session will be scheduled two to three weeks following the signing of your documents.

First, you will receive your updated legal plan which includes a binder that contains all of your legal documents and some simple tools to help you organize your financial statements and other important information.

Next, the attorney will review each of the assets listed on the inventory you completed for the Personal Family Legal Session and make recommendations on how each asset should be titled, this includes reviewing the beneficiary designations for your life insurance and retirement accounts (IRA, 401k, Annuity, Pension, etc.).

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