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Dana and Associates offers a three-part Paperless Estate Planning Solutions to inventory your digital assets, give access to digital assets to your successor trustee, and share your estate planning documents electronically.

Step One – Inventory

We include specific language in our trusts, last will and testaments and powers of attorney allowing fiduciaries to request an inventory of all digital assets. The inventory contains the following limited information:

  1. the type of account
  2. the value of the account
  3. the owner of the account
  4. if there was a beneficiary named.

This allows the fiduciary to access the information only and not the underlying assets. After they know what accounts exist, they can use the proper legal document that gives them the authority over the account. If the account is owned by the trust, the fiduciary can provide the trust to show they have authority or if it is in the name of an individual the fiduciary would provide the power of attorney if they needed to access the account.

Step Two – Digital Asset Trusts (DAT)

A Digital Asset Trust, or DAT for short, is a type of trust that allows your successor trustee to have limited access to email and other important information that is stored electronically.

Step Three – Digital Vault

After your legal plan is complete, the legal documents need to be stored somewhere safe, where the right people can access it when they need to. Our legal plans include access to a “digital vault” that allows you to store all of your estate planning documents and important information electronically. It also gives you the ability to share the document with whom you want when you want. You can choose to share a copy of it immediately with your successor trustee, Certified Public Accountant, or financial advisor or choose only to let them have access after you pass away.

This makes it possible for your family and trusted advisors access you will, trust, and powers of attorney and important information at any time, from anywhere.

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