How to Choose an Estate Planning Attorney

How to Choose an Estate Planning Attorney Let’s be honest. Planning your estate isn’t exactly a party. For this reason, many people put it off—despite how important it is to have a valid estate plan in place. Estate plans provide your loved ones with instructions on how to divide your assets after your death.

If you’ve found this article, you’re likely considering getting your affairs in order. Congratulations! It’s essential and isn’t nearly as scary or intimidating as people think. That is, so long as you have a good estate planning attorney in your corner.

Wondering how to choose an estate planning attorney? Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. Given the sensitive nature of estate planning, choosing the right lawyer is an incredibly important part of the process.

Today, our team of legal experts at Dana and Associates, LLC is sharing our top tips on how to choose the best estate planning attorney in your area. If you’re looking for a top estate planning attorney in Arizona or California, we would be happy to serve you.

Here are our tips on how to choose an estate planning attorney:

  1. Gather Referrals

How to Choose an Estate Planning AttorneyWhen it comes to choosing an estate planning attorney, checking their referrals is one of the easiest ways to identify whether or not they’re a good fit. One great way to do this is by reaching out to family members and friends for their opinions.

Aside from reaching out to loved ones, the quickest way to gather referrals on an estate planning attorney is to check their online reviews. With a quick Google search, you should be able to find a plethora of reviews from past clients.

Gathering referrals is essential when deciding which estate planning attorney is right for you. It allows you to quickly weed out what you don’t want in a lawyer. For example, if communication is important to you, but numerous reviews state that the attorney you had in mind was terrible at communicating throughout the legal process—they probably won’t be the right fit.

  1. Follow Your Instincts

Now that you’ve separated the good from the not-so-good lawyers based on referrals, it’s time to start reaching out. At this stage, it’s absolutely critical to follow your instincts. You may be thinking, “This is all new to me! How can I follow my instincts?”

If the verbiage on an attorney’s website seems less than reputable, or you get a bad vibe when you meet them in person or over the phone, listen to your gut. Do you know that tiny voice inside your head or a gut feeling you can’t explain? Listen to it. It knows what it’s talking about.

Avoid falling into the mindset that you have to go with the first estate planning attorney you meet with because it’s simply not true. It’s important to work with someone you feel good about in any situation, but especially when dealing with the assets you’ve worked so hard for throughout your life. Estate planning is a huge responsibility, so hold out for the attorney you feel will be a good match.

  1. Seek Out Estate Planning Experts

How to Choose an Estate Planning AttorneyWhen choosing your estate planning attorney, always make sure that you go with one who specializes in estate planning and doesn’t just dabble in it. Many lawyers provide the service, but that doesn’t mean they have a wealth of skill and knowledge in the area.

When it comes to taking care of your estate and your loved ones, opt for someone who has dedicated their practice to estate law and has plenty of experience to pull from. This is the attorney who will be up-to-date on estate laws and procedures. They will also be best suited to help you navigate any issues that may arise during the process.

Best Estate Planning Attorneys in Arizona

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