Common Misconceptions about Probate

By brandon | February 22, 2018

As an experienced, licensed estate planning attorney, I have seen a lot of poor advice given by a friend of […]

Funding your trust

Is Your Trust Funded?

By brandon | February 14, 2018

The Critical Final Step It feels good to be organized. It is a nice feeling when clothes are folded and […]

Digital Assets

What are Digital Assets?

By brandon | February 7, 2018

Technology is changing all aspects of our lives. We are leaving behind a paperless trail of “electronic records” instead of […]

definition of probate

The Legal Definition of Probate

By brandon | January 31, 2018

What exactly is probate?   People usually associate probate negatively, and as something they should avoid, but few actually understand […]

How do I fund my trust?

By brandon | August 9, 2017

Many legal plans fail because after the legal plan is created there is no follow through with funding the trust […]

legal documents

Where do I keep my important legal documents?

By brandon | August 9, 2017

So you have completed your legal plan, where should you store the legal documents and inventory that you have compiled […]

How do I plan for my paperless life?

By brandon | August 9, 2017

Most estate plans were drafted and designed in the analog paper days and as you or your loved ones embrace […]