With the recent passing of my mother I had to handle her estate. Several issues came up and reminded me to not only update our estate plan but to address some of the issues I had with my parents estate. Luckily Dana and Associates had already been looking into the electronic and digital aspects of estate planning. I am very happy with their service and feel this will help in handling our estate, in about 50 years! Thank you to Rilus Dana for having the foresight to begin planning for the future.

John Blackburn

Very impressed with Dana and Associates! Steve was very well prepared and made me and my wife feel very comfortable. I thought we had some tricky scenarios because of out of state property and step-children, but Steve knew exactly what to do to guide us through the process. Thanks!

Delwain Wayne

Steve guided me through the estate plan process. I was convinced from our initial meeting that he was knowledgable and able to guide me through the process. I’m extremely satisfied with his help.

Phil Ortega

Knowledgeable, helpful and always looking out for your best interest. Nothing but great things to say about Dana and Associate’s! I highly recommend

Jonathon Moreno

Steve helped me with a legal matter and was very prompt with my issue. He provided comprehensive estate planning information in an understandable way.

Amy Gutierrez

My brother and I traveled to Arizona to visit our dad. He’s 90 years old and had not yet set up a will for the family. We were directed to Dana and Associates by a friend of dads. Dana had assisted many of the elderly couples in the community my dad lives in. We set an appointment with them on Monday. They were very helpful in completing my dads will.

Paul Weekley

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