Rilus M. Dana

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1It may sound funny but I have been studying estate planning since I was 10 years old. Let me explain, my dad is a successful estate planning attorney in Arizona and he used to do seminars and he would take me with him, which was really fun since I got to stay in a hotel and jump on the beds, but I also absorbed lots of information. When I was 10 years old I knew that a revocable trust avoided probate although I had no clue with that actually meant. When I started college at Arizona State University I began to work part time as a law clerk for my dad and that’s when I started to understand the importance of legal planning for families and the work my dad was doing. I loved helping families and knowing that the planning techniques we implemented saved them in taxes and sometimes even saving Millions! I also enjoyed helping people carry out their wishes to make sure that their loved ones were provided for in the way that they wanted. I made the decision back then that I would follow in my dad’s footsteps and become a lawyer. So in some ways I have been doing estate planning all my life.

As a father I understand and know that you are busy and you don’t want the false sense of security that comes from just getting a set of legal documents put in place and then knowing that things are changing in your life and knowing your documents are not keeping up, but not wanting to call your lawyer and pay the high hourly fees to get updated and changed or maybe you do call your lawyer and don’t get responded to. I know that what you want most is knowing that when you work with us we put everything in place and it is going to work for your family, and when something happens to you I am going to be there for your family. Ultimately that is what is most important, sure the documents are important but it is more important knowing that your family has a trusted advisor if and when something happens. I built my firm with that in mind. To do this I got rid of hourly fees, I put systems in place to make sure that the transfer of assets takes place and that the plan stays updated and changes as your family and needs change.

Personal Information

I have three Sons, Parx who is Seven years old and is in 2nd grade, Riggs is five and just started kindergarten and Knox who is 2 and like most two year olds does not like to sit still. Recently they have started Skateboard lessons which has led me to start skateboarding with them. It is exciting to see how quick they learn and even my two year old Knox can ride a board. I also enjoy motorcycles, surfing, snowboarding and just about anything that gets me outside in beautiful places like the mountains or ocean.


  • Arizona State University Tempe, AZ – B.S. Business Management Cum Laude 2006
  • Thomas Jefferson School of Law San Diego, CA – J.D 2009 CAP Scholar

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