Most of our staff here at Dana and Associates come from military family backgrounds.

We have all been directly affected by members of the military and have heard  or experienced firsthand the sacrifice so common to service members and their families. We’ve had the honor of serving many veterans who participated in conflicts ranging from World War II to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and appreciate the efforts of each and every individual who signed their name on the dotted line.

We would like to say thank you to all those who have served, but in particular we would like to remember, and implore others to remember, those who have fallen. While we are celebrating this year, let us remember that Memorial Day is a day to pay respect to those who can no longer celebrate with us. We are grateful for the privileges of life as we know it, earned for us by those who paid for those privileges with their lives.  Let us also remember the families left behind by loved ones who served, and do what we can to show our appreciation to them for their sacrifices as well.


Thank you to every service member who has passed away in service.

In the coming month, we will remember the 72nd anniversary of D-Day and the storming of the beach at Normandy. Those in the greatest generation should be proud of the effort they made to provide security and a better world for the United States. As they age, it is more important than ever to keep the greatest of their generation alive by memorializing and passing on the stories that can only be told by the living.

We also recognize that one of the beautiful things about the United States, is that each generation has provided men and women worthy of memorial, citizens who paid dearly to keep us free and protect their neighbors. On this Memorial Day, we remember all of those who have sacrificed. Thank you to every service member who has passed away in service, and thank you to those who have fought for the freedom we all enjoy.

With love and admiration,

Dana and Associates

We at Dana and Associates are proud of where we live and have great respect for those who sacrifice in order to keep us safe.


attorneys participate in free legal clinic events with the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and we have events throughout the year to serve those who serve us.

To show our appreciation, we also provide military, veterans, firefighter, and police officer discounts of 10% off the total cost of our trust and will packages.

For information on upcoming events and/or promotions, visit us at our Facebook page.

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